You’ll Spend 3.5 Days of Your Life Untangling Headphones

Now instead of just being frustrated that my headphones are always tangled, I’ll get to enjoy knowing I’m wasting a few days of my life.




Time Untangling Each Day I Wear Headphones

Untangle 4 times a day.

3 quick untangles, 1 long untangle.

Quick untangle: 4 seconds.

Long untangle: 20 seconds.

32 seconds a day.


How Often I Wear Headphones

Wear headphones 6 days a week.

Starting 8 years ago.

Working for another 30 years.

9,360 headphone wearing days.


The Results

299,520 seconds untangling headphones.

4,992 minutes.

83.2 hours.

Nearly 3 and a half days (3.4666)!

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