A Million Miles of Facebook a Day

Ed Note: For some reason my brain is always asking crazy random questions. And for some reason I like to try and figure them out. For a long time I’d just do them on the back of an envelope, but figured why not share them with the world. 

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I was browsing Facebook the other day and lost a post. I knew I had seen it earlier but wanted to find it again. So I started scrolling. And scrolling. AND SCROLLING.

And I wondered: If Facebook was actually printed how much Facebook would people scroll each day? So I tried to figure it out.

1 Billion people use Facebook everyday [1].
The spend 20 minuntes on average [1].
So humanity is spending about 10 Billion minutes on Facebook a day [2].

I’d guess about 1/2 of that time is on the timeline (vs Reading stories or looking at pictures) [2] so approx 5 Billion minutes a day are spent on the timeline [2].

If people look at  each screen for 5 seconds [3] before flipping to the next screen we get 25 Billion screens of content a day [4].

The average phone has a screen height of 3.5” [3] (and I’m totally ignoring desktop here).

So people are scrolling something like 87.5 billion inches of virtual screens every day.

Which is roughly:
1.3M miles or 56 times around the earth every day [4].


[1] Actual Number
[2] Calculated from Actual Numbers
[3] Ed Estimate
[4] Calculation includes Estimates

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