YouTube has already won streaming

YouTube has already won streaming. Here’s why:

1. Users.

YouTube is the second largest site on the internet. THE SECOND LARGEST SITE ON THE INTERNET. They have over a billion people going there every day to find what they want. Eyeballs matter.

2. Accesibility.

Mobile. Web. In someone’s blog. On my facebook wall.

YouTube is everywhere. All the time. Easy, fast and integrated. Any new platform (like RapGenius) integrates YouTube and no one else. They are the music platform.

3. Content.

YouTube has 10x the content of Spotify. Search is taken for granted after Google, but YouTube is one of the only places in the world you can search and find anything. Rare takes. Alternate versions. Covers. EVERYTHING.

4. Economics.

This game is only about money. YouTube doesn’t only have it with Google’s coffers, but they make money on their own in a big way. A ton of it. Top songs have pre-roll video with $20-$30 CPMs. That means the owner makes $10-15 for every thousand views. Thats 10x a streaming rev share or more. This is a money game (and should be).

Here is the simple label math: You put your content where it makes the most money. That place is and will be YouTube.

The New Stealth

The next big hit may not have been written about in Techcrunch or discussed on HackerNews yet but could be secretly live right now in the AppStore or on the web.

Buying Facebook ads in Ohio. A/B testing designs, content and flows in the Philippines. Creating shell companies to submit test apps under. Companies you know may have amazing products you will love available to you right now but you’ve never heard of them.

Welcome to the new stealth.

Companies used to go stealth to keep their competitors guessing, but recently stealth has fallen out of vogue. Customer development and lean philosophy value feedback and data over PR hits so fewer companies spend years getting ready for the big launch.

But when you are well known or well funded, releasing incomplete or beta projects can be a disaster. Bad reviews can distract a team. Bad metrics can scare investors. Whether internal or external the bar for quality is so high its hard to release a product you aren’t completely proud of.

So why not do both? By launching without any press, releasing in secondary markets or testing publicly under fake names allows companies to learn about their products while still keeping their option to use press to drive adoption of a beautiful high quality product in a classic launch.

Another benefit of the new stealth is it allows you to truly test organic growth. Without coverage or association you can truly see your products’ viral adoption, test recruitment channels and optimize conversion funnels on their own. The new stealth can give you clean data uncluttered by people outside your customer base driven to your site by tech press.

Finally, use of product at scale can help ensure all aspects of your tech are functioning correctly before you hit the front pages of the tech-web. Nothing compares to 10,000 or 100,000 people using your service to make sure it actually works.

Better products, optimized distribution and use at scale all before “launch” are driving adoption of the new stealth. That means the next big thing may already be out there, if only you knew where to look.

True Opposites

It was never billed this way, but Antifragile is one of the best startup books of all time.

There are many powerful concepts but the one I keep using almost daily is what I call true opposites.

In the book Taleb asks: What is the exact opposite of “fragile”?

Almost all people answer that the opposite of “fragile” is “robust,” “resilient,” “solid,” or something of the sort. But the resilient, robust (and company) are items that neither break nor improve, so you would not need to write anything on them— have you ever seen a package with “robust” in thick green letters stamped on it? Logically, the exact opposite of a “fragile” parcel would be a package on which one has written “please mishandle” or “please handle carelessly.” Its contents would not just be unbreakable, but would benefit from shocks and a wide array of trauma.

Robust negates the effects of fragility, but antifragile is its true inverse. Robust, it turns out, is only a half opposite. Antifragile is the true opposite.

Here’s another example:

The opposite of organized isn’t disorganized, but anti-organized. Something that even when you try to work with it, actively creates more disorganization. In a company this would be one that not only couldn’t function, approve or act, but one that with each activity becomes more chaotic and disaster prone. Something even less effective than randomness.

A company I was working with was considering changing their model from closed listings to to open listings – because open is the opposite of closed. But open is only half-opposite.

The true opposite of closed curation is complete aggregation. Not just opening the door but pushing everyone in.

Next time you have a problem or an opportunity think of the opposite. Then think of the true opposite. You’ll find a lot of great secrets there.

Best Tour T Shirts of 2014!

2014 is a great year for tours and a better year for tour T-shirts! Here are some of our favorites!

Back Stree Boys 2014 Tour Tee

Backstreet Boys 2014 Admat Film Tour T-Shirt
The BackStreet Boys – Backstreet’s back, alright! Created for their “In a world like this tour” the five guys (John, Nick, Howie, Kevin and AJ!) that rocked the 1990’s are looking good in suits.

Def Leppard Tour Tee Shirt
2014 Def Leppard Tour Raglan
Def Leppard rocks and in 2014 they are rocking america. We love the baseball look of this raglan as well as the tattered/worn take on the classic Def Leppard graphics. Oh and a bald eagle with blood red wings?! We’ll take two!

Enrique Iglesias 2014 Tour Tee
Enrique Iglesias 2014 Tour T-Shirt
Seriously how hot is Enrique Iglesias? You can be my hero anytime! My only question – why is he wearing two shirts??? Two too many!

Dave Matthews Band 2014 Tour Shirt
Dave Matthews Band DMB 2014 Long Sleeve Tour Shirt
Its summer, so Dave is on tour! We love the hand-printed look of this tour shirt as well as the natural-dyed red cotton it is printed on.

Lionel Richie 2014 Tour Tee
Lionel Richie North American Tour 2014 T-Shirt
How long is Lionel going to play the hits? All Night Long! (all night, all night, whoooaaahoaoo!) All the hits all over North Amercia. Emblazoned in bright white and red on this black shirt.

Dream Theatre Enigma Shirt
Dream Theater Enigma Machine Euro 2014 Tour Tee
Dream Theater takes off for Europe with this crazy gothic looking music machine shirt. Black on Black with just a little white. Will still make your mom cringe when she sees you – even if she’s 70!

Frampton Lions & Guitars Tour Tee
Peter Frampton Lions & Guitars Tour 2014 Tee
Frampton’s tour shirt is really a cut above. Two lions, wrapped in vintage looking banners are locked in a dualing guitar solo framed by a leafy fire-ball! How can you not love this shirt?

Bruce Springsteen 2014 South Africa Tour Tee
Bruce Springsteen 2014 South Africa Tour Jr. Tee
Chances are you weren’t in South Africa for this show but it doesn’t stop it from being a great one. The man and the band from Jersey’s names superimposed on the South African flag makes us want the shirt almost as much as we wish we had been at the show.

Queen 2014 USA Tour Shirt
Queen 2014 USA Tour T-Shirt
Freddie’s legend lives on. Classic Queen logo of the phoenix, lion and some type of fish-tailed cat (wtf!?) still looks great after all these years. Adam Lambert rounds out the show and the shirt.

Dave Matthews Band Australia 2014 Tour Tee
Dave Matthews Band DMB Australia 2014 Tour Tee
You don’t have to live down under to want this awesome Aussie shirt from Dave Matthew’s band 2014 Australian tour. Custom graphics with all of the cities superimposed in yellow on a black tee.

Kid Rock 2014 Red Neck Tour Tee
Kid Rock 5th Annual 2014 Redneck Paradise Cruise Tee
Chillin the most. I bet you’ll like my redneck paradise. And instead of the letter “I” there’s a bent over lady! No one does it like the kid. No one!

Dave Matthews Band 2014 Collegiate Tour Tee
Dave Matthews Band 2014 Collegiate Tour Tee
Now you can get your favorite band’s shirt in your colleges colors! The Colorado Buffs are shown but there’s over 30 combinations. Check them all out here: There should be a list here but isnt.

Paul McCartney of the Beatles Nine Jacks Photo Tour T-Shirt
Paul McCartney Nine Jacks Photo Tour T-Shirt
Macca from bacca in the day. 9 candid shots of one of the masterminds behind the Beatles. Thoughtful, happy, fun.

Toby Keith Shut Up and Hold On 2014 Tour Shirt
Toby Keith “Shut Up & Hold On” Tour Dates T-shirt
Previously only available to tour ticket holders, Toby tells you what to do when you get in his Ford truck!

Beach Boys Fun Logo 2014 Tour T-Shirt
Beach Boys Fun Logo Tour T-Shirt
Chromed out! The Beach Boys have been classic for 50 years now. We love the neo-retro look of this black shirt with their logo in chrome.

Katy Perry Prismatic Tour T-Shirt
Katy Perry Prismatic Tour T-Shirt
She ruled the charts in 2013 and is now ruling the stage in 2014. Colorful, fun and fashionable this is one of our favorite tour t-shirts of 2014.

Tim McGraw Sundown Tour 2014 Tour Shirt
Tim McGraw Sundown Tour Cowboy Hat T-shirt
The Sundown Tour’s shirt has some of the best artwork we’ve seen all year. Also, good thing Tim McGraw has a goatee or his whole head would just be a hat!

John Butler Trio Flesh and Blood 2015 Tour Tee
John Butler Trio Flesh and Blood 2014 Tour Tee
John Butler may not be one of the most famous artist on our list, but he certainly has great artists. We love the colorful deco look of his 2014 tour tee.

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