Your life’s work: 400 Miles of Hair

Why hasn’t anyone put this accomplishment on their tombstone?

unsure young woman scratching her head

The average human has 100,000 follicles of hair on their head.[1]
Each hair grows roughly .44mm a day.[2]

So the average person grows 44,000mm or 44 meters of hair a day.
That’s roughly the height of the world’s average tree.[3]

The average US person born today will live 78.74 years. [4]

If you grow a tree’s height of hair everyday and we assume you are at peak hair-growing for half your life (if only I were so lucky), you’d grow 39.37 years worth of tree-height-hairs.

That’s 14,370 44 meters (145 foot) tall hairs.

If you are a hoarder and saved each of those hairs laid them end to end the resulting hair would be 2,083,650 feet or 395 miles long.

(You could also trim them each day but then you’d have nearly 1.5 billion .44mm tiny hair trimmings.)

So if one day you are lucky enough to be invited to the White House to show off your life’s work of hair growing, you could start laying them out in the Oval Office and by the time you were done laying them end to end you’d be able to reach Faniuel Hall in Boston MA. [5]

*This does not factor in really hairy people, bald people or back-hair.


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